Wetland Restoration Program

Haldimand Stewardship Council in partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) provides ongoing restoration, enhancement and creation of wetlands in Haldimand County. The purpose of the program is to increase the number of functioning wetlands on the landscape, contribute to improving the water quality of the Great Lakes Basin and to increase habitat availability for wetland-dependent species.

Each wetland restoration project is developed with the landowner by expert DUC staff. Where it exists, adjacent upland and wetland habitat that enhances restored wetland wildlife values is included in the overall project. The plan is finalized when the landowners signs a 20-year Conservation Agreement with DUC to protect the new wetland.

Enhance your wetlands by installing waterfowl nest boxes!

Installing nest boxes in or around wetlands assists cavity nesting species such as wood duck, by providing a helping hand when natural cavities are limited. A well constructed nest box can provide nesting sites for cavity-nesting species for up to 25-years and can provide nesting sites for waterfowl and other wildlife species. Nest boxes also provide a great opportunity for education the community about wildlife and the protection of our natural environment.

With a minimum donation of $25.00, Haldimand Stewardship Council will provide a constructed waterfowl nest box and installation/maintenance guide. For more information, contact the Resource Management Consultant.