Gray Ratsnake Recovery

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The MyFieldApp, developed by 8Trees Inc, allows users to quickly collect information on an observed species and assist with the identification. The information collected is reviewed and distributed to Ontario's conservation data centre (Natural Hertigate Information Centre) to help assist tracking the province's biodiversity. Observations also assist a large network of conservation partners, including Haldimand Stewardship Council, in understanding the local knowledge of species, distribution, and their habitats and threats.

Haldimand Stewardship Council has been long involved in recovery efforts to support rare fauna. With the help of the Species At Risk Stewardship Fund and Ontario Power Generation, our Gray Ratsnake (GRS) Recovery Project was completed in March, 2020.

The project was completed over 3 years and included actions to help support the protection, recovery, and education of the Carolinian Gray Ratsnake Oriskany sub-population and other at-risk snakes in Ontario. Coordinated monitoring, threat mitigation, habitat creation and delivery of stewardship communications were implemented to assist with understanding knowledge gaps and preventing further population decline.

Habitat restoration and direct threat mitigation activities included afforestation, wetland restoration, nest box installations and hibernaculum construction pilot tests to further the potential for future head-starting as a species recovery strategy. Expert consultation for the project was provided by our partner 8Trees Inc.

Gray Ratsnake