Wetland Restoration Program

Haldimand Stewardship Council is promoting restoration, enhancement and creation of wetlands in Haldimand County in partnership with landowners and Ducks Unlimited Canada. The purpose of the project is to increase the number of functioning wetlands on the landscape, to contribute to improving the water quality of the Great Lakes Basin and to increase habitat availability for wetland-dependent species. (follow link for more about wetlands)

Program Overview

Each wetland creation project plan is developed with the landowner by expert Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) staff who will incorporate the elements of the generic plans shown below. Where it exists, adjacent upland and wetland habitat that enhances restored wetland wildlife values is included in the overall project. The plan is finalized when the Landowner signs a 20-year Conservation Agreement with DUC to protect the new wetland. ("Conserve Haldimand's Wetlands" brochure)

Example of wetland restoration plan.
DU Generic Excavated Profile.pdf
Typical wetland design showing irregular bottom, shallow depths and gently sloping contours.
DUC BMP's.pdf
Erosion & sedimentation control guidelines.

Wet depressions, such as the examples below, are typically degraded historical wetlands and are good candidates for wetland restoration projects. These are often low productivity areas within agricultural fields or abandoned lands. Restoration projects are enhanced when associated with adjacent forest blocks, existing wetlands and agricultural lands that many wetland wildlife species require to support their breeding, nesting, foraging and cover needs.

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Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program & Ducks Unlimited Canada Wetland Initiative

Your property may be eligible for a new Ducks Unlimited Canada - Ontario Woodlot Association pilot project combining wetland conservation with Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program. For more information on who qualifies for up to 40% cost reimbursement follow this link.