Landowner Tree Planting Program

The goal of the Landowner Tree Planting Program is to reduce large-scale planting costs for landowners to stimulate an increase in planting activity to increase critically low forest cover by connecting and enlarging existing forest fragments in Haldimand County.

Program Overview

HSC is a Partner Delivery Agent of the Forests Ontario 50 Million Tree Program and works to provide landowners access to affordable and professional tree planting. Forests Ontario is the major funding source, with Environment & Climate Change Canada and Ministry of Environment & Climate Change contributing funds in 2018.

Support to landowners includes site inspections, tree planting prescriptions, seedling orders, site preparation, tree planting and tending treatments. Project integrity is achieved through planting inspections, plant quality surveys and survival surveys in the first, second and fifth years. High mortality areas (i.e. <600 stems/acre) are fill-planted to maintain full stocking levels.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Planting area is 2.5 ac. (1 ha) or greater;

  2. plant source appropriate native stock;

  3. ensure minimum density of 600 trees/ac. (1500/ha);

  4. land is open and has not been a woodland as defined by the Forestry Act for at least 10 years prior to proposed planting;

  5. connect two existing woodlands or environmentally significant areas; or

  6. enlarge an existing woodland or environmentally significant area.

Landowner Responsibilities

  1. Contribute on average $1500; and

  2. Sign a 15-year agreement to protect the planted trees and use 'good forestry practices'.

30% forest cover is considered the minimum threshold for human and environmental health.

Tree planting sequesters carbon, increases diversity, improves capacity to withstand climate change, creates wildlife habitat and restores hydrological stability.

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2015-2016 landowner outreach postcard (front)
2015-2016 landowner outreach postcard (back)