Huff Wetland Marsh Monitoring

The 187-acre Huff Wetland has great potential for emergent-wetland breeding habitat for marsh-dependent bird species, many of which are showing declining population trends in the Great Lakes region. Combined with the contiguous upland areas, the wetland also supports foraging and hunting habitat for migratory birds of conservation priority regionally. In partnership with Bird Studies Canada's Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program (GLMMP), community volunteers have been recruited to establish and monitor five bird-monitoring stations and four amphibian monitoring stations along 2 km of the Huff Wetland. Bird Studies Canada has provided in-kind recruitment support, GLMMP field survey instruction booklets and data sheets, and volunteer training materials. Bird Studies Canada will also assist with entering Huff Wetland data into and retrieving it from the GLMMP permanent online data archive and provide expert guidance on what the data tell us about the health of this marshland. Monitoring began in April 2015 with plans to continue for years to come. (see Amphibian & Bird Survey Monitoring Station Features)