Current Projects

Land Owner Tree Planting ProgramHSC is a partner delivery agent with Trees Ontario under the 50 Million Trees fund coordinating affordable, professional tree planting for Haldimand landowners.

Wetland Creation and Enhancement - HSC has partnered with Ducks Unlimited Canada and local landowners to increase wetland habitat across Haldimand County.

Huff Wetland Marsh Monitoring  - HSC has partnered with Bird Studies Canada and community volunteers to establish baseline amphibian and bird breeding data through the Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program.

Forest Cover Habitat Program - HSC and Land Care Niagara have partnered with Environment Canada to enrich our Land Owner Tree Planting Program with funding to expand the program to include broad spectrum management of all aspects of increasing forest cover habitat for migratory birds from seed tree identification through post-plant tending treatments to fully stocked, free-growing forest cover.

Future Projects

We are seeking funds to initiate and support the following new projects in Haldimand County:

Memorial Tree Garden - HSC, Haldimand & Area Woodlot Owners' Association and Haldimand Federation of Agriculture are establishing the garden and planting a tree to memorialize citizens whose lives exemplified the tenants of 'good land stewardshp'.

Erie Shore Tributaries - HSC, Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry and Long Point Region Conservation Authority proposed project to update fish population data and reduce sediment loading in Nanticoke, Sandusk, Stoney, Wardells, Gates and Evans Creeks.

Wetland Restoration Project - HSC, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Bird Studies Canada proposed project to install a water control structure on a lower Grand River wetland to increase breeding habitat for marsh-dependent bird species on the decline in the Great Lakes Basin.

Reduce Reptile & Amphibian Road Mortality - HSC, Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, Ruthven Historic Site and Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge cooperative project to identify high priority locations for cautionary signage and other mitigation projects.